Privacy Notice

SPRT is a retail business offering a range of USA made sports uniforms and corporate apparel. We are continuously adding exclusive range of products to our website for our existing and new customers.

We understand that you care about your own personal privacy interests, and we take that seriously. This Privacy Notice describes the company’s policies and practices regarding its collection and use of your personal data in detail, and sets forth your privacy rights comprehensively. We recognize that information privacy is an ongoing responsibility, and so we will keep updating this Privacy Notice as we undertake new personal data practices or adopt new privacy policies. Moreover, it should be noted that we never knowingly sell to or retrieve personal information from minors (children) under any circumstances.

Our Data Protection Officer

SPRT is headquartered in Watauga, Texas. For your convenience and ultimate understanding, we have an on-duty data protection officer in our workforce, to relatively answer your queries about our policies. You can reach out to our data protection officers on the following contact details:

PO Box 48818
Watauga, TX 76148
Phone: +1 (833) 355-4800

Collection And Usage Of Your Personal Information

We collect information about its visitors and customers. This personal information comprises name, employment title, employer’s identity, and work contact details. The set of acquired information is further used for the provision of useful services, goods, content, etc. It should be taken note, that we under any circumstances do not reveal your submitted information to any individual or forward it to the third parties that contribute to facilitating our services.

Information You Give To Us


SPRT offers wide-ranging content for our users. In addition to producing original content, SPRT also subscribes to news feeds and blogs produced by other sources, which we link to our official site. This indicated that you may find yourself on SPRT official website or reading an email from our publications team in your inbox, and you will be offered a link to another organization’s website where you will find useful content on privacy or data protection. In such situations, you will be leaving our website. SPRT is not accountable for the content provided by third-party websites or personal information they may happen to gather from online visitors.

To receive SPRT newsletters by email, you will need to provide your personal email address. We do not share this information with any third party other than to store the information in our cloud-hosted databases. We rely on a contract basis to process your personal information for purposes of fulfilling your request to receive our publications.

The SPRT uses a third-party email service provider (Marketo) to manage subscriptions. Services like this are necessary because email hosts like Marketo are able to send bulk emails, manage to subscribe/unsubscribe features, keep track of open rates and invalid email addresses, and related functions. When you click on a hyperlink present in the email, the URL will include a tracking code. If you have accepted Marketo’s cookie (Munchkin) through our cookie tool, then that information will be recorded in account with Marketo and associated with you. SPRT uses this information to better understand what information is of interest to its subscribers so it can produce more of that information for them. Marketo does not use or sell this information.

You can manage subscriptions by subscribing or unsubscribing at any time. However, please note that if you have set your browser to block cookies, this may have an impact on your authority to unsubscribe. If you are having any difficulties managing your email or other communication preferences with the SPRT, please contact us at

We actively use Google Analytics to track how often users gain access to or read the posted content. Provided you have opted-in to analytics cookies for us to effectively track your activity, we use this information to understand what content our members find useful or engaging, so we can produce the most valuable content to meet the needs of our users.

Your Correspondence With SPRT

If you contact us by email, the postal service, or any other form of communication, we may retain such correspondence and the information present in it and use it to answer your queries; to notify you of SPRT publications, or other services, and to keep a record of your complaint, or similar concern. If you wish to have the SPRT remove your personal information or otherwise stop communicating with you, please contact us at

Note: if you ask SPRT to refrain from contacting you by email at a certain email address, the SPRT will retain a copy of that email address on its “master do not send” list in order to follow your no-contact request.

Purposes For Processing User’s Data

The SPRT processes details of your data to provide you with the goods or services you have requested or purchased from us, which also includes publications, discount deals, and other content. This information further contributes to refine our goods and services to tailor them according to your needs. In most situations, we need to process your data and related details to fulfill an order for goods/ services. Moreover, submitted data is processed to better understand the needs, concerns, and interests of users and customers, so we can operate optimally as a business and expand its operations. While in other cases, our company relies upon your consent, in such cases we will keep a record of it and respect your choices in every manner.

Payment Card Information

You can make a purchase of goods or services by using a payment card. Typically, the payment card information is provided directly by users, via the SPRT website, into the PCI/DSS-compliant payment processing service to which the SPRT subscribes, and we do not, ourselves, process or store the card information. Occasionally, customers ask our employees to, on their behalf, enter payment card information into the PCI/DSS-compliant payment processing service to which the SPRT subscribes. However, it is strongly recommended not to submit this information by email. When employees of the SPRT receive payment card information from customers by email, fax, phone, or mail, it is entered as instructed and then deleted or destroyed instantly.

Information We Get From Third Parties

From time to time, we keep receiving personal information about individuals from third parties. We may collect your data from a third-party website (e.g. LinkedIn) if you fill out a form on that site requesting content from or registering for our company. You may always update your data with SPRT if you have a registered account, or contact us at this

What Happens If You Don’t Give Us Your Data

You can enjoy many of the SPRT services without giving us your data. You can also enjoy subscriptions to our newsletters without the need of having an account, but you will need to create a profile with us which involves providing your personal email address. In other cases, some information is necessary so that we can supply you with the services or goods you have purchased or requested, and authenticate your identity so that we know it is you and not someone else. You may manage your SPRT subscriptions and you may opt-in or opt-out of receiving marketing communication at any time depending upon your choice.

Use Of Our Website

Like most other websites, our company’s website collects specific information and stores it in a series of log files. The collected information contains IP addresses, the regional location of your accessed device, browser type, operating system, and the usage of our website, which also includes the history of the pages you view while being on our site. All of this information is collected solely to design our site better in order to maximize user experience. Your IP address may also be used to troubleshoot problems with our active server, analyze trends, monitor users’ movement, and garner wide-ranging demographic information that helps us in figuring out visitor preferences.

The SPRT has a dedicated, legitimate interest in conceptually understanding how users, members, and prospects use and perceive our website. This helps us in presenting customer-oriented products and services, communicating our brand value to our corporate partners and the sponsors along providing adequate staffing to completely meet member and customer requirements.

  • Cookies and Web Beacons: SPRT presents you the detailed Cookie Notice that comprehensively explains all the cookies used and available on our website, along with providing information on how a user can accept or reject them. To view the notice, just click here.
  • Do Not Track:Our site tracks users when they navigate from our public website to the community page by logging in through entering their username and password, and similarly when visitors to our website enter through a marketing landing page. In addition to that our site also keeps track of all the third-party websites accessed through clicking on hyperlinks. But it should be noted that our site does not track users to any subsequent websites and does not provide targeted advertising to them. In addition to that our website does not respond to the Do Not Track (DNT) signals.

When And How We Share The Information With Others

All information relevant to your purchases is maintained in your profile or registered account. The information we retrieve from you is stored and maintained in secure databases hosted by third parties present in the region of the United States. Although, these trusted third parties do not have any access to your submitted information and for any purpose other than cloud storage and data recovery. In general, the SPRT engages third parties to bring the needed information to you, such as delivering the items and goods you have purchased.

Otherwise, we do not reveal or forward your data to outside businesses and persons unless: (1) you request or authorize it; (2) the detailed information is provided to confirm with the law (for example, to comply with a court order, search warrant or subpoena), impose the mutual agreement, or to protect our rights, safety or property of our employees or others; (3) the needed information is delivered to our vendors, partners or active service providers who execute part of operations on our behalf; (4) to address an event of emergency or acts of God. (5) to address some discourse, declaration, or the personnel owning lawful authority to act on your behalf only; and (6) we may also gather a collection of data about our users and Site visitors, and unfold the results in the collective form (not personally identifiable) to our service providers, advertisers, partners, and the third parties for promotional and marketing reasons.

The SPRT website actively uses interfaces with social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If a user chooses to place a “like” or wants to share the information from the SPRT website through any of these networks, it is recommended that you review the privacy policy of these services. If you are an active user of a specific social media site, the interfaces may allow the social media site to connect your site visit to your personal data. If you want to know that our site owns access to your personal data, or processing your submitted information, please contact us at

In addition to that, you may also request a series of information regarding the purpose of the processing; all categories of data maintained outside of our site who might have gained access to the data; what exactly was the source of information (if you didn’t submit it directly to our site); and for how long it will be retained. In case if your personal data maintained by our site is incorrect or not accurate, you own every right to correct it. In addition to that, you may request that our site erase your registered data or stop processing it, subject to certain exceptions. You may also request that SPRT stop utilizing your provided data for direct marketing purposes. In most countries, you own a definite right to file a complaint with the appropriate data protection authority if you have concerns about how your personal data is being processed. Under feasible conditions, we will return your registered data at the submitted request.

Security Of Your Information

To help protect the privacy of data and personally identifiable information you transmit through the use of our site, we maintain technical and administrative safeguards. We test and reiterate our security technology on a daily basis. Moreover, we train our employees regarding the significance of maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the personal information of all our users.

Data Storage And Retention

Your personal submitted data is stored on the servers of SPRT, along with being simultaneously stored on the cloud-based database management system that is utilized for its operations, located in the US. We maintain a series of data for the duration of the customer's business relationship with the company and to provide members and users the opportunity to recover their accounts if they decide to renew, for analysis of the site’s operations and wholesome archiving purposes. For more details and to know more about exactly how long your data is maintained and stored, please reach out to our data protection officer at

Questions, Concerns, or Complaints

Please contact our data protection officer:
PO Box 48818
Watauga, TX 76148
Phone: +1 (833) 355-4800

Messaging Privacy Policy

This Messaging Program Privacy Policy explains in detail how SPRT collects and uses information about you in connection with its text message marketing program (the “Messaging Service”). It is to inform you that we use Twilio ( , Ring Central (, and AttentiveSMS ( to provide the Messaging Service. Attentive acts as the trusted service provider and efficient data processor of your information.

Collection of Information

We collect different information from and about you, which also includes the information you provide when you use our Messaging Service. For example, we collect the email address and phone number you submit when signing up for our Messaging Service. In another case, when you used our Messaging Service to send messages, your messaging history, and information contained in those messages will be collected by us.

It is brought to your attention that we may also store information about you through using cookies. Please click here to learn more about our cookie notice.

When you participate in some contest, research study, sweepstakes, or email survey associated with the Messaging Service, we collect your basic contact details and any other information you choose to submit in relation to these activities. In another case, when you contact us with your questions regarding Messaging or customer service, your contact information will be saved by us.

Use of Information

The sole purpose to collect your information is to deliver, maintain, monitor, and support our Messaging Service. In addition to that, your information may also be used to optimize the Messaging Service features and personalize your user experience to the maximum.

Sharing of Information

While we do not sell or share your information to any other entity, only by your consent and approval, we may share, disclose, or transfer your information. Your information can also be shared Under the following circumstances:

Service Providers: We may share your information with third parties to help us bring the Messaging Service to you actively.

Legal Requirement & Protection of Attentive & Others:It should be noted that we may disclose your information in appropriate and necessary conditions such as: (1) in order to follow applicable laws and legal processes; (ii) to respond to government and public authorities, that also include responding to the official authorities outside your country or region; (iii) to implement a specific contract with us; (iv) to protect our rights, property, safety, and/or that of our partners or affiliates, you or others; and (v) to allow us to proceed with available remedies and to lessen the damages that we can sustain.

Occasionally, we may share collective or de-identified information about the usage of our Messaging Service. In addition to it, such form of information may also be shared with third parties, which includes advertisers, sponsors, and promotional partners.

Protection of Information

SPRT takes a series of categorical physical, administrative, technical, and organizational security measures based on the sensitivity of the data we collect to protect your information against unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or access. It is a fact that no online activity can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, unfortunately. While we strive to protect your information against unauthorized use or disclosure in every way possible, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any information you provide or submit. In conclusion, we are not liable for the unintentional disclosure of data/information in any way.

Retention Of Information

We maintain your information for the time period you participate in the Messaging Service or as needed to comply with applicable legal obligations. Apart from that, your information will be maintained and used by us as essential to resolve disputes, protect us and our customers, and to carry out our important agreements.

Choices And Controls

Your consent to receive automated marketing text messages is not a condition of any purchase. You can opt-out of receiving commercial text messages via the Messaging Service by responding to any of our text messages with any of the following replies: STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT. For additional opt-out information, please review our Messaging Terms and Conditions.

Customer Care

If you are experiencing any problems or issues with the Messaging Service, please email at

Main Privacy Policy

By signing up to receive text messages from us, you also agree to our main Privacy Policy.