SPRT Offers full-service USA Apparel Manufacturing

SPRT Brand is proud to contribute its share to the US textile and apparel manufacturing industry, and bring you unrivaled Made in USA active products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with latest sublimation printers and laser cutting equipment allows us to offer a unique manufacturing experience where customer is more engaged and able to control quality and print more effectively.

We are driven by “Made in USA” fuel that offers us an opportunity to not only to offer you exceptional Apparel but also contribute to our local economy and create local jobs. Checkout our three product offerings that fits

SPRT Brand - USA Apparel Manufacturing Company

We’re meeting the ever-growing demand for American-made products, whether it’s athleisure, fashion, spirit, or any other category. Understanding the consumer base and their unique needs, SPRT Brand provides industry-standard, accessible US manufacturing services for every customer.

Our Manufacturing Unit

We responsibly source and manufacture products in our production facility in Dallas, TX. From design and printing to custom cut and sew, everything is done in our manufacturing unit. With the USA-made fabrics, responsibly sourced raw materials, and in-house manufacturing facility, we are delivering outstanding products across the world. Whether you’re looking for US-made athletic wear, corporate apparel, or spirit wear, you’ll get the product unlike anything ever experienced before.

Providing Employment Opportunities

We have increased employment opportunities for the American workforce over the years. In addition, SPRT Brand treats its employees with the utmost respect, pays a fair wage, and provides them the frequent career advancement opportunities. Having our manufacturing services in the United States, we will continue to support the American workforce and economy in years to come.



Every client we work with gets their own personalize one-click store. Click here to see some of our store examples…

Why choose USA Apparel Manufacturing?

  • People in the US and around the world prefer to buy American-made products. Speaking of which, “made in USA” and “American-made” are the true selling points.
  • It’s not an issue if all your products get sold out, you can restock quickly when you’re taking services from us.
  • We only perform processes that are sustainable and environmentally safe in every manner. We make sure that every step in our process is less wasteful and more efficient. Choosing us you can play your part in creating an eco-friendly environment for everyone.
  • You can have in-person meetings and maintain constant communication with our team
  • You have control over printing options and the QA

Our goal is to offer an engaging experience to all of our users, from apparel to how they order and how they receive our service. We look forward to connect with you and get your store up and live.

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